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Blockchain Advisory Board Learning® Consortium Certification

The Consortium is a collaborative initiative between various institutions to provide verified certification for blockchain consultants and developers. One of our first and most important collaborations is between BlockchainXperts,, and RSK Labs, Inc. 

We establish working partnerships with companies that support the work of our certified consultants, including smart contract  companies and auditors, all focused on enabling blockchain technology implementation and adoption with clients large and small.

The Blockchain Advisory Board Learning® Consortium promotes the methodology used in our classrooms and exams known as Advisory Board Learning, where the decision of performance and evaluation is not depended on one individual, but on a collective consensus methodology by a diverse group of interested parties, namely, students, instructors and training partners.

The Consortium promotes decentralized evaluation and decision-making, and conforms to practices represented by blockchain technology and principles.

Today, the Consortium is a collaboration between,,, Certified Blockchain Consultant students and graduates, and

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