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(Please Note: In most instances we ask for anonymous reviews after each class, in order to receive honest feedback from participants.)

"The presentation, content, and exercises were all informative, comprehensive and well done. I found it extremely helpful to understand Blockchain Technology and it’s potential to provide benefits to government and society."

-Sayed Khodier, Assistant Director of Information Technology, Town of Arlington

"Far Exceeded Expectations"

"Loved examples of why blockchain is important"

"Saturday's class was great! there's real value here. I consider myself as someone who knows a little bit about Blockchain, and there was so much new stuff I learned in that one session alone."

"Henry is very knowledgable and enjoyed his teaching style"

"I loved the class!"

"Our training with BlockchainXperts was informative, useful and fun.  In a short period of time, I was able to learn and understand the basic principles of blockchain and begin to conceptualize how it might impact government operations in the near term future."

-Adam W. Chapdelaine, Town Manager, Town of Arlington

"Loved the blockchain game."

"Very good structure. Clear presentation. Good questions to get audience participation. Great job, thank you!"

"It was a great class. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the blockchain."

"Excellent and very informative"

"Exciting and Engaging!"
"Great analogies and role play"
"THANK YOU Henry. Quite an experience to see you at your craft – I can't stop thinking about a many of the concepts you introduced!" D. Grew, Chairman, Boston Blockchain Association, Inc.
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