Develop people with the knowledge to understand blockchain technology, and provide blockchain innovation and problem solving to organizations.

Why "BlockchainXperts"? 

"...because we learn from world-recognized experts"

Andreas Antonopolous, Vitalik Buterin, Wences Casares, Sergio Demian Lerner, Nick Szabo and many other recognized experts are our teachers and guides in our learning journey. Through Open Educational Resources (OER) we reference and learn from celebrated experts in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem.


BlockchainXperts teaches company-leaders, consultants and developers about blockchain technology using a blend of lecture, discussion, simulation-games and project-based learning. We also connect blockchain consultants and developers to employment and consulting opportunities.

Our Training Offerings include:

  • Talks:

    • ​"Overcoming the Blockchain Developer Staffing Crisis"

    • "How To Become a Blockchain Developer" 

    • Corporate programs

    • Blockchain for Beginners: Blockchain for Non-Technical Managers 

    • Blockchain for Recruiters: How to Evaluate and Hire Blockchain Engineers

    • Blockchain for Business Managers: How to Evaluate the Business Case for Your Blockchain

    • Consultant Course​ - Become a "Certified Blockchain Consultant"

    • L1 - Blockchain Consultant: Basic (Level 1​)

    • L2 - Blockchain Consultant: Intermediate (Level 2)

    • L3 - Build Your First Dapp and Intro to Cryptoeconomics: Advanced (Level 3)

    • L4 - Ethereum Smart Contracts, Wallets, Tokens and ICO launches: Advanced (Level 4)

    • Developer Course - Become a "BlockchainXpert Developer"​

    • Intro to Cryptoeconomics

    • Intro to Ethereum 

    • Basic Solidity Course

    • Ultimate Blockchain Course - Understand & Work with MultiChain, Ethereum in AWS & Azure

    • Learn Solidity: Programing Language for Ethereum Smart Contracts

    • Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App

    • How to Setup Private Ethereum Blockchain Consortium in AWS using EC2

    • How to Build a Crowd Sale (ICO) App in Ethereum Blockchain

    • Build Your First Dapp - Ethereum Pet Shop

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